sports fundraising software and platform for clubs and leagues

Collect donations, sell items, and engage with sponsors.

Do it all in one complete online sports management system.

Set your organization fundraising on autopilot.
Sell Items
Sports club and league store software
Make the right items available for all organization members at all times.
Make it easy to order and pay.
Online shopping software for sports clubs, associations
Online shop
Allow members to purchase and pay for the items online.
Sports fundraising software for teams
Registration process
Make it easy to purchase the right items during the player registration workflow.
Order items for all team members
Order for all team members
Allow the staff to order items for all team members with a few clicks.
Generate the item order reports
Item order reports
Quickly generate the item order reports and make the fulfillment process easy.
Sports item order notifications
Item order notifications
Let the system notify the members automatically based on the item payment status.
Collect Donations
Sports donation software and app for clubs, associations
Ask the right people and local businesses to donate for the right cause.
Make it easy to give for everyone involved.
Online donation and fundraising software for sports associations
Ask the right people to donate
Donate through online
Make it easy to pay online
Know the donation status
Know the donations status
Engage Sponsors
Soccer and tennis youth sports sponsorship software
Develop and promote sponsorship programs that help local businesses
with their marketing goals and improved organization funds.
Youth sports sponsorship software and platform for clubs and leagues
Create right sponsorship opportunities
Football and Basketball Fundraising Software
Make it easy to pay
Football and basketball sponsorship software
Showcase the sponsors
Volleyball and Hockey Fundraising Software
Deliver value for everyone involved
Get it all rolling in few simple and easy steps.
Add items to the store. Set up to collect donations and sponsorships.
Allow ordering during the registration, on the website, and for all team members.
Count on our support to get it all working for you, always.
Contact us if you have any questions.
More reasons to go with SportsPlus!
Easy to use - SportsPlus
Easy to use
All-in-one platform - SportsPlus
All-in-one platform
Great support team - SportsPlus
Great support team
Communication made easy - SportsPlus
Communication made easy
Role-based security - SportsPlus
Role-based security
Advanced reporting - SportsPlus
Advanced reporting
Download & upload data - SportsPlus
Download & upload data
Simple & fair pricing - SportsPlus
Simple & fair pricing
Help & community forum - SportsPlus
Help & community forum
Growing platform - SportsPlus
Growing platform
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